Keroppi Kigurumi

keroppi kigurumi

Keroppi Kigurumi

Among the popular Sanrio characters, Keroppi is a one size fits all kigurumi that is perfect for all ages Hamster Onesies It is available in many colors and styles, and can be personalized with a name or monogram. There is also a variety of accessories to choose from, including headbands, backpacks, purses, and more. These adorable characters make great gifts for kids, and can be a wonderful way to celebrate holidays.


Having a Keroppi based costume can be a fun and unique way to experience your favorite cartoon characters, so why not get one as a keepsake? While the company may be based out of Taiwan, the Characters of Keroppi Kigurumi can be found on the interwebs, in the form of e-commerce websites like A Cute Shop. The company also boasts free shipping for purchases over $75. The company also offers the best of both worlds with a selection of plush kigurumi costumes in various colors and styles, as well as a variety of accessories like tiaras, headbands, and face masks Hamster Onesies


Originally known as KeroKero, Keroppi’s full name is Keroppi Hasunoue. Keroppi is a small green frog with pink cheeks. His mother is named Keroma, and he has a father named Keroppa. Keroppi is also the youngest of three Hasunoue triplets. His brother is named Kokero, and his sister is Pikki. Keroppi was born on June 22nd near Gourd Pond, and recently moved to Donut Pond.

Keroppi has a soft voice and a great personality. He is good at singing and cooking. He also loves to daydream. He loves to go on walks. He has a good friend, Den Den. He also likes to make masks and boats from flowers. He is also a natural peacemaker. Keroppi is also a member of the Hapidanbui, a group of Hapidanbui members. He was the winner of a contest to design a new frog character. He cameoed in the movie Ready Player One and appeared with Hello Kitty. He also shares a birthday with Hisato Inoue.

Keroppi’s father is named Keroppa, and he is a doctor. He is very intelligent, and loves to do experiments. He also loves to play sports. Keroppe is very friendly, but he is also a target of practical jokes.


Buying a kigurumi onesie is a great idea, especially if you want to have a great time during Halloween. These cute and cuddly animals can be worn anywhere, from concerts to festivals, cosplaying to cuddling with your loved ones. These cute onesies are made from super soft fleece, and feature a hood with character detailing. These onesies are also great for Halloween and Christmas, or to simply wear around the house.

The Keroppi kigurumi onesie is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “funny frog”. This adorable frog has a roomy hood and flippers, a cool design, and a white belly button up closure. It’s also one of the most comfortable frog onesies you will find. This frog has everything you need to stay warm and look great during the winter. You will love the frog’s frog face hood.

The Keroppi onesie is a one size fits all costume, which means that it can be worn by kids of all ages. This frog is the perfect fit, and will keep you warm all winter long. It is one of the best frog costumes you can buy. It is also the perfect choice for a Sanrio themed sleepover.

Games he likes to play

Often, Keroppi kigurumi likes to play games with his friends at Donut Pond, the largest blue pond in the area. Keroppi is a friend of Den Den, a great little snail. Den Den has a tendency to daydream. He plays with Keroppi because they are different. Keroppi also likes to play baseball, shoot boomerangs and go on adventures. Keroppi has a cousin called Keroppe. Keroppe lives with his parents at the family home near Donut Pond. Keroppi’s father is a doctor at the hospital. Keroppi’s mother is a cook and a good cook. Keroppe loves strawberries, baseball and boomerangs.

Keroppi also has many friends in the neighborhood. Her best friend is Den Den, a great little snail. Her other friends include Junk, a big frog who transforms into a rock; Soak, a tall frog who can see half a mile; and Ruby, a doll who can predict the weather. Keroppe also has a cousin named Chippi. Keroppe also helps her mother at her restaurant. Keroppi is a lovable character. Keroppi is also featured in several animated series and video games.

Keroppi is the main protagonist of the animated series Keroppi and Friends. She was voiced by Jill Frappier and Sarah Hauser. She also appeared in the Hello Kitty and Friends video game. Keroppi has also appeared in the Sanrio World Smash Ball!