The Flash: brief review of season 2

The Flash: brief review of season 2
08 Aug

Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow were adapted from DC Comics and aired on CW.Since the three episodes share a worldview and are the first to start with Arrow, they are affectionately called Arrowverse by American audiences.

 The Flash is a big part of DC comics,he is likely to be second only to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.The Flash is very popular, his skills are also very cool, and it is generally considered that only the big-production movies are worthy of him.In fact, DCEU (DC Expansion Universe) started the live-action movie version of Justice League and The Flash, there is no TV  version of the actor.After all, spending $100 million on a two-hour movie isn’t at the same level as spending tens of millions on a 20-episode series.Moreover, CW was still a small station in the TV station.

But at least, for the moment, Flash is the most successful episode in the Arrowverse.Its ratings can be compared with the big TV series, and the evaluation is not bad.The TV crew completed the task brilliantly in a limited resource.

it tries to bring the strongest comic sense to the audience.In one scene, the Flash circulates the energy into a bolt of lightning, then shoots the lightning at Zoom, the villain of the second season,Zoom catches the lightning at a faster speed, throws the lightning back to the Flash, and the Flash falls to the ground.This comic-filled plot is not uncommon in this TV series.The special effects scene of TV series is not excellent.Many action scenes use the CG character, which actually looks a bit fake.There are even Gorilla Grodd and King Shark.To know that using CG animal characters is usually a matter of film-level production, but the flash did it.Take the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as an example. It often shoots in different places. The special effects are also quite good in the TV series. The production of The Flash should not be comparable to it.But he’s The Flash, a bona fide superhero, not a cameo, a spin-off or a prequel.So don’t think too much, enjoying this cute comic sense is actually a very suitable approach.


For this interesting comic sense, many of the settings of this TV series are very casual.While the characters and concepts of DC comics were added to The Flash, it was not in a hurry to innovate the story.The first season focuses on time (time travel), the big villain Reverse-Flash comes from the future;The second season focuses on space (multiple universes), and the big villain Zoom comes from Earth 2.The Reverse-Flash was a speedster, and of course Zoom was; theReverse-Flash killed Barry’s mother, and Zoom killed Barry’s father.For another example of the first season, Eddie in the first season of The Flash and Tommy in the first season of Arrow are original characters that did not appear in the comics.

 In the context of the proliferation of superhero films and TV series, everyone is seeking new changes.Instead, The Flash chose a mainstream, positive superhero,  on a free medium (public television station), with limited resources (relatively low production costs), providing a lot of affinity and comics sense.